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Antoine Marcourt (1485–1561), Articles véritables…
[Neuchâtel, Pierre de Vingle, 1534 ]. © Bibliothèque de Genève, Bc 3513 Rés.
On loan to International Museum of the Reformation.

During the night of 17 October 1534, a manifesto provocatively titled ‘Genuine articles on the horrific, great and unbearable abuses of the papal mass’ was posted in Paris, Tours, Orleans, Rouen, and even inside the royal castle at Blois. This pamphlet, or 'placard', offering a radical critique of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, caused a huge uproar and strong Catholic reaction. An expiatory procession was organised, led by Francis I himself, outraged at this questioning of his authority by a movement that he had previously treated with a degree of benevolence. Repression against the heretics escalated and reprinting of the placard was forbidden in France. The author of the pamphlet was Antoine Marcourt, a French exile and pastor in Neuchâtel, where the text was originally printed. It continued to circulate for many years in several different versions.


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