A unique Bible

Between 4 June and 31 October 2017, more than 15,000 visitors participated in the printing of the 500th anniversary Bible on a press inspired by the one first invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1453.  Installed at the heart of the exhibition ‘PRINT! The First Pages of a Revolution’, the Reformation-era machine reminded visitors that technological revolutions often accompany cultural and religious transformations.  Five centuries after the birth of the Reformation in 1517, the hand printing of a contemporary Bible in a 16th-century format highlights one of the central goals of Protestantism: to enable the faithful to access both Testaments in their own language. Illustrated by four famous contemporary artists (John Armleder, Marc Bauer, Mai-Thu Perret and Vidya Gastaldon) the 23 cm x 35.3 cm volume reproduces a French translation of the Bible originally first published by Bayard in 2001. The text is set in Erasmus MMXVI, a font designed in Basel in 2016, and printed on artisanal paper from Papiermühle Basel. The binding was made by Jean-Luc Honegger of Bernex.
Location: Salle de la polémique