December 2016 Object

Martin Luther, Writings: Part One, Jena, 1560. © MIR, Geneva

This unusual book is part of an eight-volume edition of the collected works of Martin Luther (1483-1546) published in 1560, in Jena, by the printer Donat Richtzenhain (d. 1606). This first volume contains Luther's books and writings from 1517 to 1522.

The copy on display at the MIR includes several hand-written annotations. The handsome title page, printed in black and red ink, features a woodcut  depicting Luther and his protector, Frederick the Wise (1463-1525), prince-elector of Saxony, kneeling in prayer on either side of a Christ on the cross.

Samantha Reichenbach, curator

Display: MIR, Bible Room